Gaia Pro – Terrain & Scene Generator

Gaia Pro – Terrain & Scene Generator

Support Unity versions
2019.1.0 or higher

**** Gaia 2 News: For news on Gaia 2 please read the Gaia 2 section further down.****

Welcome to GAIA PRO! GAIA PRO is a complete rewrite of Gaia 1 and further enhances its power as the all in one terrain and scene generation system for Unity that allows you to create stunning mobile, vr and desktop scenes in minutes!

GAIA gives you the flexibility to go fully procedural or fully manual or somewhere in between and delivers simplefast and pretty terra-forming, texturing, planting and placement using our sample assets or yours as you prefer.

While GAIA is a terrain and scene generation system at heart, GAIA saves you time, money and heartache by including many typically expensive assets into one integrated system. You literally can be running around a beautiful environment in minutes with just 3 clicks!

What’s New in Gaia Pro?
– Complete Rewrite!
– Multi Tile Terrain Support!
– Powerful Preset’s System;
– Simple & Powerful Biome & Biome Mixing System;
– Stunning Temperate Forest Biome & Plant Shaders;
– Professional Profile Driven Water System & Shaders;
– HD High Definition Render Pipeline (Unity api 5.7.2 / 6.9.1);
– LW Lightweight Render Pipeline (Unity api 5.7.2 / 6.9.1);
– Profile Driven Skies, Lighting & Sound FX;
– GPU Accelerated Stamping & Spawning;
– Real time stamping preview with many modes;
– Revamped & Simplified User Interface;
– LODDed Terrain Mesh Export System;
– Real Time Visualization System;
– Stackable filtering system;

Gaia’s Customers Say:
“Stunningly Well Designed Tools”
“This is by far the BEST of the BEST”
“Making the Very Hard, Very Easy”
“Finally, A Terrain Tool for Artists”
“Exceptional Product and Support!”

And with over 1000 5* ratings and 400+ written reviews, its no wonder GAIA is the most popular terrain system on the store!

Sample Assets Included:
The following samples are free for you to use in your own games:
– Subset of Ambient Skies by Procedural Worlds;
– Subset of Ambient Sounds by Procedural Worlds;
– 3D Low Poly Adventure
– 3D Village Exteriors
– Grasses
– Real Rocks
– Textures
– Textures
– Trees from