Man Ray Business Standing 001

Render Engine Compatibility:

Vray 3.2 + 3DS Max 2012 and later
Corona 1.5 + 3DS Max 2012 and later
Redshift 2.5.40 + 3DS Max 2014 and later


Model Resolution:

15K Polygons (Triangles)
2048 x 2048 Diffuse Map
1024 x 1024 Gloss Map
1024 x 1024 Normal Map
256 x 256 Accessory Normal Map

Files included:

.Max Vray Version
.Max Corona Version
.Max Redshift Version
.PNG Character Diffuse Map 2K
.PNG Character Normal Map 1K
.JPEG Character Gloss Map 1K
.JPEG Accessory Normal Map
.JPEG Thumbnails

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